I love the feeling of euphoria. When you’re so lifted that nothing matters at all. The worst part about the addiction is feeling unhappy when you’re not getting your fix. People can be addicted to literally anything that makes them feel good. Everyone likes to feel good and everyone has their own way of reaching that feel-good happiness.

Some like the way they feel and hate the way they act. Some like everything about it. If you have an addictive personality, which in turn could really just mean you are a person who craves zest in life, you can easily become overcome by anything sinful. Or not so sinful.

I’m starting a new paragraph in a new chapter of a new book I’m living. It’s the new me living in a new city doing new things. Be prepared because I’m really unsure what’s to come. I think that’s exciting but it makes me anxious at the same time. Time to become the best version of myself.

Sleep easy.


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